Things I am thankful for

You know what has been amazing through this whole garbage situation? All of you. Before this happened, I likely felt a lot like you. I felt like I had lost touch with the friends that I loved, that I spent too much time on the things I didn’t enjoy, too little time on the things that should matter most, too much time being angry at the people I cared about and maybe even felt that I had lost touch with who I was. This post is to tell you that you are loved. That those friends are just a text away, that your loved ones love you right back (even when you’re acting like an ass) and that people think about you and wish all the best for you far more than you can imagine. Today I say thanks to as many people as I can for all their small and large acts of kindness towards me, because I am so very grateful to all of you.

To the Pascuals, the Hodgins, Ryan’s co-workers, the Silvesters and my parents: Thank you for all the flowers. They brightened my day and finally prompted my otherwise silent Kieran to point and say his first sentence: “What’s that?” I had been so worried that he would never talk (shocking that anyone would be rendered silent in this house!) that finally hearing his little voice made me straight up ugly cry.  To all those who have nourished us with delicious treats (the Silvesters, the Wus, the Hermans, Ryan’s staff again!) thank you for keeping us all fed while we struggled to even think about the idea of eating. To Madi, a Cornell mom who answered my message in a bottle. To Sarah at Turning Hedz who opened up her salon on her day off to give me an amazing haircut and help me donate my hair to someone else who might need it more than me. To Jenn who has hooked me up with amazing clean beauty products to keep looking fab throughout this decidedly un-fab time. To my Milliken Family who knows me well enough to get me a night out and sparkling wine to celebrate when all this is over. To my Milliken Ladies, Michelle, Rosie and Saulyn, for inspiring me to continue to stay positive and grounded and most of all, grateful for what I have. To Lori and Che Wei, survivors who have walked this road and are a testament to the power of positive thinking. To friends and family far from home (Miami, Montreal, Dryden, Thunder Bay, Doha! India! Other Places!) thank you for the international love. To ever person who has reached out to Ryan, listened to him, laughed with him, magic noodled with him. To Ryan’s principal Michelle who found a way for him to be with me and the kids the entire rest of the year. To Lady Kathleen for all of her sage advice and wise words. To my Treen who has already picked out a theme song for me (“Survivor” of course!). To Stephanie who makes every appointment feel like a chat with an old friend. To all the amazing people who take care of my children at daycare and at school and ensure that they are happy and well-loved. And to every person who took the time to reconnect with me with for dinner, drinks, texts, Facebook messages, hot pot, ramen, whatever! I cannot thank you enough. Some of you I have not heard from in 20 years, but your messages made me feel like we never lost touch.

To my family (Senguptas, Berrys, Gooderhams, Williamsons, Beriaults, Tullochs, Wests, Tosky-Hoards, all y’all!). You have been there through it all. The tears, the small victories, the challenges and everything in between. I am so fortunate to have each and every one of you.

Finally, to Ryan. There aren’t enough words. I could not do this without you.


  1. Reading this made me ugly cry! So obvious how well loved you and Ryan are – glad you have so many people surrounding you with love and helping you through all the parts of your day!



  2. No thanks is necessary. It’s moments like we spent together that are the reason I decided to get into this profession in the first place. To help people even in difficult times, it’s not all about beauty. It’s much more than what it seems and I felt honored that you chose to come to me at such a sensitive time. My thoughts are with you and your beautiful family daily.



  3. Rhea. Absolutely beautiful. Gratitude is one of the most powerful things that can bring you so much joy. You are so very loved my friend. 💜



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