Missing in Action

I have been missing in action. The last two weeks have been difficult around these parts. Kieran got a cold and I spent a week dodging it before it finally got me one week after he first started showing symptoms.  By the time I went in for chemotherapy last Monday, I was too sick to be treated. A simple cold has persisted for 8 days now for me and was far worse than the cold that both Maddie and Kieran had. I am rescheduled for my 6th round of chemotherapy tomorrow but I am certainly much more fearful of getting sick now, as constant delay in treatment is not ok. I have started to wear a mask in my own house and have stopped going out to try and ensure that I get better more quickly and to hopefully prevent this from happening again. In any case, I just haven’t been able to write about what it is like to be quarantined in my own house and away from Ryan and the kids. Let’s just say it has been just awesome for my mental health! Ryan said I should make a post with just pictures and I thought that was a pretty good idea.

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